Amy Shuang Wang

Muay Thai fighter, well-being and mindset coach, musician, coder
Auckland, New Zealand

Hi, there! Welcome to my online portfolio! This site is about who I am and what I do.I'm a curious soul who's been exploring the world of human existence. Here are a few things I'm into:Martial arts: Muay Thai, Taichi, self-defence.
Speaking & well-being coaching: Here's the project page
Music: I love to play guitar, sing and write songs.
Software & Startups: I have a background in Software Engineering, specialising in audio software and C++.
Acting: I'm an action-trained actor at the agency Heroes and Villains NZ.
I have a can-do attitude towards many things.Is there anything I can help you with? Let's have a chat :)

Martial arts

I love martial arts. I'm a fighter and coach for the kid's class at Wimbledon Muay Thai, located in Howick, Auckland.I'm also a Tai chi practitioner. I won 3rd place in the NZ national Wushu Championship in 2022.I can also perform nunchucks tricks.

These photos and video clips were used with permission from CSN NZ. Please visit Combat Sports Network NZ for the full video in HD.

Writing and speaking

I used to be a reserved person who didn't like attention. I first developed my speaking skills with the help of the wonderful Voice & Presentation Coach, Perry Piercy, who's based in Wellington.

Guest lecturer at the Univeristy of Auckland
I'm a Casual Professional Teaching Fellow for the course INFOSYS 220 : Business Systems Analysis. I work with the other lecturers to design and deliver a week of course content, sharing the latest practices and ideas from the software industry.

Let's Go Thinkers
This project is my contribution to the mental health crisis.
I offer coaching, workshops and online courses to tech companies and highly rational people. I teach coping skills for stress and other emotions. I help people learn to get in touch with their emotions. My mission is to inspire hope and courage.I used to be a reserved person who didn't like attention. I first developed my speaking skills with the help of the wonderful Voice & Presentation Coach, Perry Piercy, who's based in Wellington.I speak at schools and universities on the following topics:
• Jobs and interview tips for Computer Science students
• Career in STEM for secondary school girls as a Women in Tech Ambassador

Personal blog at Grow With AmyThe Amy's Good Vibes YouTube Channel
This is a project where I explore video making and public speaking. I wanted to share some good vibes and warmth with others.

Amy speaking at a tech workshop

Amy speaking at a technical workshop for software developers

Making Software

Making software is like crafting with logic. You make computers do amazing things for humans.I'm a Senior Software Engineer with 8 years of coding experience in C++. I've worked in a few industries including audio, AI and blockchain. I've completed a UI design course. I can make beautiful software and websites.

Founder at MusoPipe
MusoPipe is a piece of desktop software that helps you learn music by ear. I designed and created it on my own, over the period of 4 years, while working as a Software Engineer. I'm still actively working on it.


When I was about 17 years old, I learned to draw following the book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Since then, I've been drawing for fun and exploring different mediums.


As a kid, I was trained in a few Chinese folk instruments and classical Clarinet, but I haven't played them in years. Nowadays, I love the electric guitar. I've started taking vocal lessons too (which was one of the scariest decisions I've made).I'm a student of the Auckland musician, Tam Scholes, who's the guitarist at Carnivorous Plant Society.I've played guitar in a few bands in the past. My favourite was the K-Pop band, HAJIMA. Although they were very short-lived, I loved the experiences.

Honourable mentions

• I'm highly proficient in English and Mandarin Chinese (the Standard and the Beijing accents).
• I'm good with kids. I teach 6~15-year-olds kickboxing a few times a week at Wimbledon Muay Thai.
I can lucid dream: I sometimes fly and turn back time in my dreams. Here's my blog post on how I learned to lucid dream.
• I'm passionate about Happiness, philosophy, feelings, meditation, nutrition and mental health: Yes, baby. That's my jam.
• I've been taking improv comedy lessons.

my story

I was born in Beijing in the 90s when the ancient city was rapidly changing into a fast-paced megacity. (By the way, please stop thinking of China as a country where all the cheap rubbish gets made that's ruled by the evilest government in the world, and if a Chinese person says otherwise, they are most certainly brainwashed. I don't blame you. I just get a little annoyed. I wish more people could go and have a look for themselves. )When I was about 13, I got obsessed with the idea of financial freedom. I went to the library and read most of the books Think and Grow Rich. Over the next 10 years, I read hundreds of books about productivity, design, marketing, communication, accounting and everything else about business. I thought it'd be awesome to create a machine that keeps delivering value to people while I wasn't working. It could be a book, a piece of software, or maybe some music.

I moved to New Zealand when I was 16. Later, I studied Computer Science for a safe career path. When I was 20, I became a Software Engineer at an awesome audio software company, serato, where I was mentored by some of the best coders in the industry. 5 years later, I felt technically good enough to create my own startup as a side project. I then worked in a few other startups, where I worked closely with artists and scientists.At some point, I got into martial arts, first for fitness and self-defence, and then for personal growth. I became a fighter. When preparing for competitions, I trained for 20+ hours a week. Through sweat and tears, I found more courage than I ever had.With this courage, I got closer to the messages from my heart. I started to explore different art forms and share my journey with others.


Amy is quite a ridiculously productive person with lots of passion. But she is usually perceived as being nice, soft, and very approachable.

Cheers for reading!

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